Michigan Alpha Centennial 1964

  • PDT MA Cen 7
    The Centennial Celebration 1964 jointly hosted by the Michigan Alpha Alumni Association and active chapter.

Homecoming 2013

  • PDT HC 13_993
    Homecoming 2013 at 1437 Washtenaw.

Harmon BBQ 2013

  • HBBQ9999999
    BBQ at the chapter house to honor Tom Harmon '41.

Homecoming 2012

  • 999
    BBQ revives tradition attracting strong alumni attendance.

Mud Bowl

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    A PHOTO HISTORY OF THE MUD BOWL 1934 to 1997 ~ MICHIGAN'S GREATEST FRATERNITY ATHLETIC RIVALRY During the fall of 1934, Phi Delta Theta (PDT) active member E. Reed Low '37 challenged the "house across the street" (Sigma Alpha Epsilon -- SAE) to a friendly game of "touch" football on the morning of Homecoming in a little used valley in their side yard along South University. Low is considered the founder of the Mud Bowl. The men of PDT and SAE fought a close match which SAE narrowly won 8 - 6. Given the intense rivalry between the two fraternities which were located only a couple hundred feet apart, it was decided that the Mud Bowl would be an annual event. The Mud Bowl became a revered Homecoming tradition as PDT and SAE fiercely battled each year for nothing more than pride. In the early years, the game essentially was a rough intramural football match played on a field that was wetter and shorter than regulation. As the annual contest matured, it was decided that the challenge and entertainment value of the game could be enhanced by tilling the ground and flooding the field. Eventually, the Ann Arbor Fire Department contributed to making the mayhem on the field even more muddy by pouring approximately 10,000 gallons of water into the valley shortly before the game. By kickoff of games played in the 1970s through the 1990s, it was not uncommon for the mud to be more than one foot deep with water covering the west end of the "field." The PDT-SAE rivalry series in the Mud Bowled ended in 1997 after the 60th game between the two fraternities was played. The records about these 60 games are a combination of fact and myth, but no one disputes that this was the greatest fraternity athletic rivalry in the State of Michigan if not the entire nation. The Mud Bowl grew into such a spectacle that crowds numbering in the thousands showed up each year to witness the game. The game attracted coverage by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, ABC Sports as well as campus, Ann Arbor and Detroit media. The Mud Bowl became so popular that national brewing companies -- at first Stroh's, and then Miller -- sponsored the event. Of course, some people have speculated that the presence of sororities playing football, or speedball in some years, during the half-time may have garnered most of the great public interest in the event. Nonetheless the athleticism and intensity of the PDT-SAE matchups proved to be very entertaining for the fans. While the exact win-loss tally is subject to dispute, it is believed that PDT rightly boasts a few more victories in the series than SAE. Given that SAE hand picked the referees for each Mud Bowl, a PDT victory typically required overcoming the opposing players plus the men in stripes. For this reason, PDT's hard fought "losses" remain as much a source of pride as its many victories. If you have pictures or memories of the Mud Bowl to share with the Alumni Association's Heritage Project, please contact us at pdtumich@gmail.com.

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I had the pleasure of getting to know Doug through my fundraising efforts on the Michigan Alpha Alumni Association Board. He was a genuinely friendly guy with an engaging personality, great sense of humor and strong belief in loyalty. One of my good friends served with Doug on the Grosse Pointe Farms City Council, and he told me that Doug was considered to be one of the most respected members of the community. Doug was certainly a true friend of Michigan Alpha, and he will be missed by many.

Greg Karmazin '87

I was Doug's roommate from fall 1953 to Jan 1955 so I have many humorous memories of our time together in the 2nd floor suite opposite the bathroom & then in a suite at the west end of the 2nd floor which we painted & left a "piece of art" on the incoming wall. He was always joking about something...a fun guy to be with & know. We had a good conversation several years ago at our Ann Arbor reunion. My sympathy & prayers to Doug's family.
Ken Copp '55

I was Doug's "Big Daddy"-Doug was my "assigned little Brother"-all of that being decreed by the house president.

Doug's father and mine were friends during the 1914-1918 period in the Phi chapter house.Both men good lifelong Phi's-Doug was a terrific guy in my book always,a fellow Episcopalian,gentleman and most of all a friend.!-

"I was somewhat disappointed when in 2004 my wife and I relocated to Basking Ridge,NJ from La Jolla CA and the Roby's did not "again" invite us to their wonderful Point Au Barque's lake home.

Minor deal in the big picture-Doug will sure be missed by many people.

I'll miss him knowing that a close friend is not still alive up there in good old Michigan.

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