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BBQ at the chapter house to honor Tom Harmon '41.


Michigan Alpha Alumni Association's e-newsletter invitation for the Harmon BBQ (page 1).


Michigan Alpha Alumni Association's e-newsletter invitation for the Harmon BBQ (page 2).


Michigan Alpha Alumni Association's e-newsletter invitation for the Harmon BBQ (page 3).


The U of M Athletic Department placed the iconic picture of Harmon busting through the MSU line in the 1940 game on the cover of the 2013 M v Notre Dame game program. The U of M Athletic Department honored Harmon as a "Michigan Football Legend" during a ceremony at the game.

It is worth noting that following up on the request of the active chapter in 1987, Harmon autographed a copy of this picture which is on display in the Trophy Room at the chapter house.


The U of M Athletic Department placed Harmon's image on banners in the parking lots outside Michigan Stadium.


In 1987, the active chapter Alumni Secretary Greg Karmazin '87 wrote Tom Harmon '41 and invited him to attend Founder Day Dinner 1987 at which Chris Brewster '87 was recognized for winning the PDT GHQ's 1985-86 Harmon-Rice Award. Harmon declined to attend, but wrote this very thoughtful letter and sent Brewster a signed letter that the active chapter framed and presented to him at the Founders Day event.

Harmon states in this letter, "I know that it was the fraternity that kept me on the straight path to a diploma when I was in school. I wouldn't trade those years for anything...Please give my very best to all of the brothers and keep up the good work." His words show that he cared a great deal about Michigan Alpha and enjoyed his time as an active in the fraternity.


This article from the 1938 October issue of Sword & Shield reports that Tom Harmon '41 played a key role in helping PDT win the 1937-1938 All-Sports IM Championship for the U of M Fraternity League. U of M named Harmon the top individual IM athlete of the 1937-1938 school year. This article shows that Harmon was not just a Phi in name; rather, he was actively involved in the fraternity.

Apparently Harmon was able to play for PDT because it was the practice at the time for freshmen not to play on the varsity football team -- he played on the all-freshman team.

To put this in perspective, imagine having freshman Denard Robinson on your IM team at U of M?


Harmon article in the 1941 March issues of the Sword & Shield shows that PDT has a strong claim to his heritage on campus. Harmon was an active supporter of Michigan Alpha and the PDT GHQ all his life.

In recognition of his great accomplishments in athletics, the PDT GHQ established the Harmon-Rice Award annually presented to the top Phi Delt athlete in the nation (

The PDT GHQ also named Harmon to the first class of inductees in the PDT Sports Hall of Fame.


Presented for the 1985-1986 year, Chris Brewster '87 was Michigan Alpha's first, and so far only, winner of the PDT GHQ Harmon-Rice Award (now known as the Harmon-Rice-Davis Award).


Chris Brewster '87 (holding the trophy cup) with the Harmon-Rice Award at Founders Day 1987. Don Lund '45, who was the Associate Athletic Director of U of M under Don Canham at the time, attended (standing on the far left). Greg Karmazin '87 held framed congratulations letter from Harmon to Brewster. Chapter president John Lawrence '88 is on the far right, and the PDT GHQ Province President is standing to the right of Lund.


Tom Harmon '41 winner of the 1940 Heisman Trophy. His trophy is currently displayed on the 4th floor of the Club Level at Michigan Stadium. For more on Harmon's distinguished career in U of M football, view


Tom Harmon '41 was a decorated fighter pilot in WW II. His P-38 fighter plane displayed his famous # 98.


Tom Harmon '41 had a long and successful career in sports broadcasting and announcing.


Harmon's image appeared in numerous ads promoting a range of products including Schlitz beer in this 1964 ad.


Announced at the Harmon BBQ, the newly established Harmon-Chappuis-Lund Award that will be annually presented to the Michigan Alpha active who is the most valuable team player for IM sports in the Fraternity League (page 1).


Background on Tom Harmon '41 for the newly established Harmon-Chappuis-Lund Award (page 2).


Background on Bob Chappuis '48 for the newly established Harmon-Chappuis-Lund Award (page 3).


Background on Don Lund '45 for the newly established Harmon-Chappuis-Lund Award (page 4).


QB Devin Gardner proudly wore Tom Harmon's # 98 as a part of the U of M Athletic Department's effort to honor Tom Harmon as a "Michigan Football Legend." We think Harmon would be proud of Gardner's performance.


Harmon and Gardner both showing great balance and amazingly elusive running styles.


Alumni Association President J.T. (Tom) Buck '77 and active chapter President Patrick O'Connor '15 are working together to enhance interaction between members of the active chapter and alums.

The Harmon BBQ was a great example of what is possible when both actives and alums get together at the chapter house. Approximately 50 alums ranging from classes in the 1950s through the 2010s attended the BBQ.


Phis from the 1970s through the 2010s talk about old times on the porch.


Phis from the 1950s to the 2010s came back for the BBQ.


Actives, alums and guests in the foyer and living rooms.


Phis from the 1980s at BBQ.


Phis from the 1950s and their wives enjoyed lunch in the Trophy Room.


Red Weller '84 took his daughter to the game. He's got our vote for "PDT Father of the Year."


Trophy Room at the chapter house displays past and present glories.


Dean Finkbeiner '58 tells J.T. (Tom) Buck '77 how it was back in the day.


Richardo Robles '09, Cam Young '08 and Tony Adan '08.


The yard was full of alumni cars -- looked like Homecoming back in the day.


After the Harmon BBQ ended, Phi alums made the trek to Michigan Stadium for pre-game tailgating.

One of the largest tailgates was hosted by Derek Stevens '89. Stevens unveiled the ultimate tailgate wagon from his Las Vegas casino, The D. Derek generously invited all Phis to join The D's tailgate in the Champions Lot at Michigan Stadium.


Greg Karmazin '87, Drew Dondero '89, Derek Stevens '89, Bill Harris '91, Drayke Dondero '91 and Rick Friedman '91 at The D's tailgate hosted by Stevens.


Derek Stevens '89 and Dr. Tim Lamb '87.


1980s Phis tailgating


1980s Phis tailgating.


Dr. Tim Lamb '87, Doug Girdler '88 and Greg Karmazin '87.


Ernie Bastian '89, Alex Popovich '92, Drayke Dondero '91 and Mike Weikert '94.


Doug Girdler '88 and possible future starting forwards for a PDT IM basketball team?


Notre Dame's team buses drive by The D's tailgate.


The D's tailgated attracted a crowd that included at least 30 PDT alums. Thank you Brother Stevens!


Greg Karmazin '87, Rex Vauhn '74 and Matt Stump '90.


Tom Kelly '82 isn't fooling around with his tailgate -- this is a serious construction project. Many Phis from the early 1980s attended his feast.


Tom Kelly '82 on the grill preparing offerings straight from his farm. Again, Kelly doesn't mess around when it comes to tailgating.


Alumni President J.T. (Tom) Buck '77 visiting with Tom Kelly '82 at his tailgate.


Tom Kelly '82 flying the three greatest flags in the world at his tailgate.


For a normal big game there is a flyover. For this one, U of M pulled out all the stops as there were more than 10 flyovers (some crisscrossing) plus the Goodyear Blimp!


The active chapter and Alumni Association invited Mark Harmon to visit the BBQ at the chapter house, but he was unable to attend. Mark did speak to the U of M team at the stadium and participated in the U of M Athletic Department's ceremony to honor his father, so he had a very busy schedule in A2 (photo from the U of M Alumni Association).




Many Phis contributed to the Big House hosting its biggest crowd ever.